Friday, April 1, 2011


Not only did the magnificent Harriet Shaw Weaver (1876–1961) keep Ezra Pound’s The Egoist afloat (later becoming its editor), but she gave financial support to James Joyce. She serialised A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in The Egoist and then set up the Egoist Press to publish it. She did a similar thing for Ulysses: serialising it in The Egoist, then arranging publication. She didn’t really like Finnegans Wake, but she never imposed conditions on Joyce and continued to support him financially.

Now I am in no way comparing myself to James Joyce, but what I do need – right now – is a literary patron! So anyone who thinks they might like to support a struggling poet, please use the email address in the contact section on the right. You’ll find me a relatively inexpensive acquisition, but I have so many projects as yet unfulfilled, I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever come to fruition.

So Harriet Shaw Weaver, if you’re out there, come to me now in my hour of need!

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