Friday, September 23, 2011

Wave Composition #2

The second issue of Wave Composition is upon us, full of interesting things, not least two poems by Peter Gizzi, plus an interview with the industrious Ron Silliman, who has this to say about Louis Zukofsky:

"One of the things that’s quite clear in Zukofsky’s work is that while it starts out following the Poundian model of having an all-over surface characteristic—not unlike what you find in Duncan’s Passages or Olson’s Maximus Poems—so that if you read the first poem you can intuit what every other poem in the sequence might look like; not necessarily would, but might. The parameters are clear. Zukofsky’s very much the same way through “A” -6, and then from “A” -7 onward there are radically different changes. He really attacks the part-whole relationship of the long-poem in a very different fashion. And that to me has always seemed like the secret, that each work really in some basic way needs to be different from every other."

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