Friday, June 22, 2012

Gilles Deleuze From A to Z

Good old Semiotext(e). I remember buying their titles in the Compendium Bookshop in Camden in a previous life, when their books looked like this

They’ve undergone a redesign since, but Semiotext(e) can still be relied upon to surprise and delight.

This nicely produced DVD -- Gilles Deleuze From A to Z -- is essentially L’abécédairede de Gilles Deleuze, which was released in France in 2004, but with an important difference: subtitles (provided by the Deleuze translator Charles J. Stivale). I’ve been watching a letter every day. It’s a great treat. Compare and contrast with the documentary Derrida (which I also like, incidentally).

Here’s a taster of Deleuze (not Stivale’s subtitles btw):

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