Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stop the Clock 2.0

My wife's debut novel Stop the Clock has a new front cover. Pre-order it now, should the mood take you, and check out her blog and tweets and whatnot.

In other news: The Forward people pass me over again. Silly Forward people. Geoffrey Hill should win, but so should Jorie Graham.

One day they'll get what I'm up to. I may be dead by then, though. 

Inspiring words for all fellow poets ignored by the Forward people:

Do your stuff, listen hard and make discoveries. If we’re right, we’ll turn out to be termites in their wooden legs. If we’re wrong, the birds will eat us.

William Carlos Williams, Selected Letters (to James Laughlin, 26 April 1939)

Williams's letters are recommended reading for any poet feeling a little neglected by the tastemakers of the day. Here's another:

Floss [his wife] just showed me the review of my poems in the N.Y. Times which came out today! I'm just short of being one of the best, it seems. That's too bad.

(to Horace Gregory, 22 July 1939)

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