Thursday, February 17, 2011

Culture Crunch (cont.)

Worrying words from Chris Holifield, the Director of the Poetry Book Society, in the latest PBS Bulletin:

“But there is a more sober message too, as small arts charities like the PBS weather the storm of the cuts. Next year we will all have our funding cut. Like other regularly funded organisations we have just applied to the Arts Council for new funding for 2012–15 as part of their new National Portfolio Funding. The future is uncertain but we very much hope that we will get the money which will enable us to continue running the PBS as we have always done . . .”
So if you aren’t one already, why not support the Poetry Book Society by becoming a member? Or perhaps buy something from its bookshop, the only online bookstore specialising in poetry.

Don’t let T. S. Eliot’s dream die.

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