Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Emporium review in Poetry Review

“There is real gold in this volume. Although many of Pindar’s poems are informal, it includes a fine satirical sestina, ‘Les Vacances de Monsieur P.’, an off-beat sonnet sequence, ‘The Prophecies’, and an impressive pantoum, ‘Death of a Senator’. His interests are broad, his responses to them musically gratifying and emotionally and intellectually deep. Pindar’s inspiration comes from the fragility of life, his atheistic conviction that death is just that . . . Whether or not you share his views on God, the Monarchy or women, I expect you will be moved by the eloquence in much of Emporium. I was about to say that Ian Pindar is a promising poet; but no, he is already a significant one.”

Leah Fritz in Poetry Review (Vol. 101:4 Winter 2011)

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